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Welcome to Living4Ward

Welcome to Living4ward, the speaker portal for Take The Next Step. As a speaker, I believe in offering slices of life to help others live4ward. There are four core essentials for living4ward: reactivating your passion, readjusting your attitude, reapplying your gifts and recapturing your life.  These essentials are not a "one and done" accomplishment.  They must be nurtured and strengthened and tapped into throughout life.

As an investor in people to be greater influencers to those around them, I tap into my teaching skills, education and experiences, and invite others to discover and/or strengthen how to make a shift and stand on their increbile story. People say I am an energetic speaker and that I stir audiences with a “not to be forgotten” style, blending skills and experience with a sense of humor and that my style is “fun, refreshing, real, and unexpected.” I strive to challenge participants with powerful messages of opportunity and action. My passion for life and encouraging others is evident, whether chatting wth a friend over coffee or addressing hundreds from a platform. It really is all about you and how you can be a greater influence to those around you.  One of my favorite quotes is by John Mason.  "You were born an orginal. Don't die a copy."  It would be an honor to be considered to resource your event as your speaker. Contact me at jane@takethenextstepcct.com and request a discovery conversation. 

Speaking Topics

  • The GRIT Factor
  • Five Skills to Empower Others
  • How to Have it All
  • Stand on Your Story
  • The Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Will the real YOU Please Stand Up?
  • Living Life by the Slice
  • Closing the Gap

For topic descriptions, visit my speaker profile on e-Women networking or What Women Want Networking.

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