Life is Wabi-sabi

On a recent trip with friends, one in the group called my attendtion to a small store with "Life is Wabi-sabi" in the window.  Being the curious person that I am, naturally I had to go in and see what that was about!  As I was looking around, Brian (I later learned his name) asked if he could assist me.  I told him I was curious about the saying and wanted to know what it meant.  He smiled and explained.  Wabi-sabi is a Japanese word that Brian and his company have used to develop a concept that invites simplier living.  Here is what it means.


"Life's not perfect and we need to appreciate these imperfections.  Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese view of life that finds beauty in things that are simple and humble, ordinary and unrefined, incomplete and impermanent.  Everything ages, nothing lasts forever, and sometimes things don't work out as planned.  Embrace the Wabi-Sabi concept, laugh, learn, and become a better person."


Life is Wabi-sabi!  Live 4ward today!

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