One of the most interesting sights I have seen is a Smart Car nestled between sedans and SUV’s moving rapidly on a six-lane interstate!  It literally evoked a chuckle and a smile.  How out of place it seemed!  Yet, it was keeping the pace with all the bigger vehicles.  It was not intimidated at all.


The Smart Car is built by an automotive branch of Daimler AG that specializes in manufacturing microcars.  The Smart Car is promoted as being fuel efficient, environmentally responsible and easy to park in small spaces.   It does not pretend to be a larger vehicle with a larger engine, larger tires, and more seating.  Hold that image momentarily. 


One of the activities I enjoyed as a “tween” and “teen” was to put models together.  I clearly remember a Camaro that included yellow paint and decals.  After carefully opening the sealed bag with all the parts, I laid them out and then reviewed the instructions.  I wanted to be sure I had all the parts and tools I needed.  Generally, the tools needed were glue and newspaper; the newspaper, of course, was to keep the glue off the kitchen table! 


I began the process of “building the car” one part at a time.  With patience and tenacity, I completed the model and experienced great satisfaction.  The actual size of the model was scaled to size.  It was not intended to be a full size car that I could sit in and drive on the road. 


Both the Smart Car and model car were the actual size they were crafted to be; nothing more or less.  You might be asking the question, how does this relate to Living4ward?  There are times we allow ourselves to feel out of place or like we are overshadowed by others.  There are times we may feel empty (like the model car) and simply look good on the outside.  


Starter questions to ask self:  How am I being my “actual size;” i.e. myself?  Am I applying my gifts and skills or sitting on the shoulder of life?  What is keeping me from being myself; i.e. actual size?  How do I allow myself to feel intimated by others?  How do I live like the Smart Car on the six land interstate that finds a place and goes with pace?     


As you consider these questions to self, consider these starter steps to strengthen Living4ward by being your actual size: 

  • Refrain from minimizing others to enlarge you.
  • Give yourself permission to be yourself.
  • Reduce the intimidation factor of others by connecting with them on your strengths.
  • Consider hiring personal life coach, Jane Bishop.  Contact Jane at for current packages. 

Be confident in the person you were created to be!  Smart Car or model car….be your actual size! 

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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