New Year, Fresh Start

The beginning of a new year generally results in “new year resolutions.” Really?  Again?  How will this year’s resolutions be different from previous years?  


As each New Year begins, it provides a natural time for our brain to think of a fresh start. This may be reinforced each time we write or type the New Year numbers.  It’s a subconscious prompt for the opportunity to leave behind what didn’t work in the previous year and focus on adjustments for the coming year.  


Think of this New Year, fresh start as similar to going on a trip.  Everything in the closets and drawers cannot be included for the journey.  Decisions must be made based on duration of travel, location, weather, events planned, etc.  As those factors are determined, appropriate items are placed in suitcases and loaded in the vehicle.  The route for the trip is determined by GPS or other mapping systems, vehicle is filled with gas, passengers loaded, and the trip begins.  Often, there is excitement and anticipation at the beginning of the trip; similar to the beginning of a new year!  


Resolution, as defined by Merriam Webster, is “the act of determining.”  At the beginning of a new year, we are “determined” to do/be different.  Stating a new year’s resolution alone, will not result in sustainable change.  Viewing the New Year as going on a trip can provide insights that will help determined changes be achieved. 


If you seriously want to accomplish any new year’s resolution, consider getting started with the following: 

Decisions:  What worked in the previous year that must be continued in the New Year? How can you celebrate leaving behind what you see in the rear view mirror? Why are you choosing to move forward?

Destination: Where do you desire to be at the end of this year?  How will you get there (GPS/mapping system)? Who can help you with the journey?

Road blocks: How will you adjust when you encounter road blocks?  What can you learn from road blocks throughout the year? How will you prevent stalling out?

Value:  What is the value of a new year, fresh start? Why move from New Year’s resolution to New Year’s accomplishment? 


Another new year’s resolution?  Really? Absolutely, when you choose to take the next step and act!

Happy New Year!  Happy Fresh Start!




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