Stand On Your Story - Feedback

After the Stand On Your Story retreat/workshop on Sept. 12, one participant wrote: "Just finished a great retreat/workshop with Jane Bishop where we learned how to leverage who we are with reinforced confidence to live forward."

In their own words...

Most Useable Success Strategy

  • "New story."
  • "Validation that I am on the right track because I can then empower others and take them with me on the journey/"
  • "I have a story and I can change it."
  • "Using my values and core to direct my story and learning that the most important story is the one I tell myself."
  • "Be introspective, acknowledging an old story that I'm not happy with and re-write my story."
  • "To focus on self-efficacy."
  • "Identifying core values and 'editing old story.' "
  • "Take a stand. Believe in myself. Don't listen to negatives in my head."
  • "Trust myself in my own opinions."
  • "Having a positive attitude in negative situations."
  • "Gave me a day to step back and gain clarity for next steps."
  • "Editing a part of my current story.  It leads the way to taking specific steps for change."

How exciting and encouraging to know what the participants left with! Did you know you can host your own Stand On Your Story for your group, organization, community?  Contact Jane Bishop, ask for details. 

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